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Recruitment Candidates FAQs

1.Where is your office? 

Our registered office is in Delhi but all our staff are mainly around Bangalore, and Madurai.

2.Does the company provide a laptop? 

Only on select cases, we determine if a company laptop will be provided.

3.Do I need a laptop? 

Yes, you do need a laptop for your work.

4.What spec laptop do I need? 

Windows or Linux (if in Software Development). 8GB RAM. 256GB+ Hard disk drive.

5.What is your probationary period? 

3 months 

6.Do you pay PF? 

Yes. We do. While we do not have a PF account set up, we will keep an account for PF and disburse when we set it up.

7.What are shift times? Is there a night shift? 

It depends upon the project that you have assigned. Mostly general, morning and mid shift are there.

8.What is your organization team size?

Please refer to our website 

9.How many days would it take to hire?

Generally, 3 to 7 days

10.What are your working hours and working days?

8 hours per day and 40 hours per week. (Two days off in a week.) And working days depend on your project.

11.What is your notice period duration? 

4 weeks

12.When do you pay? 

Monthly. Pays are processed on the last day of each month. 

13.When do I get a salary increase? 

Your first salary increase may likely be immediately after the successful completion of your probationary period (3 months). This is no doubt, based on your performance and how organised you are with your work.

14.Is it a Work from Home position? 

Yes, it is currently a work-from-home position. We established our office in Delhi, India. In October 2021, but due to the COVID-19 restrictions in January 2022, we began working  from home to comply with government regulations at that time. We continue to have a hybrid approach as employee wellness is foremost on our list. Depending on the decision of the management, we plan to open offices in Bangalore and Madurai. You may be required to work from an office near you or a hybrid arrangement, depending on the nature of the role and project you are working on. 

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