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Irish Taylor Talks

Irish Taylor Talks began in early 2022 by Jeremy Taylor to share insights and experiences with his colleagues at Irish Taylor. The Talks, formerly known as Knowledge Transfer sessions (KTS), have been a great learning for all at Irish Taylor. They are conducted weekly every Wednesday at 3 pm IST (India Standard Time).

We have seen the success results over the last couple of years, and have opened up the stage to esteemed speakers to share insights and knowledge with the Irish Taylor team. In the future, we plan to open this up to the public to listen and be a part of this amazing investment into your personal and professional development.

Irish Taylor Talks are conducted weekly every Wednesday at 3 pm, providing an optimal 45-minute platform for thought-provoking discussions. Your participation as a speaker in one of these sessions would be highly valued and appreciated.
We welcome diverse and relevant topics, giving everyone involved a competitive edge. We cover topics from a wide range of areas, and backgrounds, including but not limited to:

  • Workplace Essentials

  • Communication Essentials

  • Motivational Insights

  • Health & Fitness

  • Time Management Strategies

  • Building Confidence

  • Growth Mindset building

  • Exploring Technology Trends

  • Insights into Emerging Technologies

  • Organizational Skills

  • Resilience

  • Productivity Essentials

If you are passionate about sharing your expertise on any of these topics, we invite you to let us know your availability and the preferred Wednesday for your 'Talk'. 

Your contribution will undoubtedly enrich our team's learning experience.

We look forward to the possibility of having you as a distinguished speaker at Irish Taylor Talks.

By participating, you agree to the terms and conditions outlined in the following document: Link to Terms and Conditions PDF. Please review this important document before joining the program. We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to your involvement!

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