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Our Services 

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Offshoring Services

By leveraging our offshoring service, you can significantly improve your bottom line by relocating your costly technical resources to Irish Taylor. Our team consists of skilled professionals who have been trained and have extensive experience working with international teams and projects.

Optimize your resources and achieve your organizational goals through our tailored offshoring solutions.

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Legacy Systems Service

We provide customized services to businesses running outdated systems to maintain and upgrade their IT infrastructure. Our team has extensive experience working with legacy systems and can offer seamless migration to newer platforms, including ongoing support and maintenance. We specialize in supporting unsupported SharePoint Server infrastructure, Delphi-based applications, Unsupported Windows Servers, .NET applications, and old application databases, as well as migration to the cloud.


We understand the importance of preserving past investments and can work within your budget and timeframes. Contact us today for personalized solutions to your company's technology needs.

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We have been involved in several technology migration projects over the last 2 decades. Windows server upgrades, application migrations, and upgrades, SharePoint server migrations to the cloud, and SharePoint server upgrades to newer versions of the SharePoint server. We have performed Microsoft Exchange upgrades and migrated to Exchange Online in Microsoft 365.

Migration and upgrades


Irish Taylor helps clients create and review business plans which can directly increase the growth rate of their organisation.

From lead generation to closing sales, we help you build a business. Creation of pitch decks for companies that seek venture capital funding is what we excel at. Business analysis, digital transformation, and marketing solutions are some of the services that the business development stream has got to offer. 

Our company offers strategies, and solutions and conducts workshops to create products & services. Additionally, experienced sales and marketing consultants can grow your network. 

Business Development And Sales 

High quality website development

Everyone considers improving their online reputation when making decisions. As a result of technological advancements, new business opportunities arise every day. Effective websites cut through the noise. Set yourself apart from the competition. And to assist you to do better, we at Irish Taylor offer dependable High Quality Website Development as a service.


Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning software apps 

Have you considered taking automation to the next level with AI/ML? Do you have an existing application that isn't just right? Do you want to create a custom application that automatically performs tasks, gathers information, and provides value to your customers or business? You are in the right place. We can help you develop your new app as per your requirements. 

Feasibility Studies & Research

Irish Taylor has authored feasibility studies to help clients with their decisions on entering a new market or launching a new product. We have written research papers along with collections, records, and analysis of data to get the most relevant information that our client requires. 

Our company conducts competitor analysis, where one gets insights into their competitors with our researchers and learns about their different marketing strategies. In order to help the client develop a well-researched marketing mix for their brand-new company or product, the team builds practical marketing strategies. 


Social Media Marketing

With quick eye-catching content and smart use of trends and digital marketing tools, we market our clients’ social media account with accuracy and precision. Irish Taylor, monitors and fuels the clients’ social media presence accordingly to the media standards and client ethics. Fast and scheduled delivery with creative and unique results just for you.  

The blend of professionality and quality to set off immediately. 

Business Plan & Pitch Decks

Improving corporate tactics and initiatives to boost revenue. Your business, our service. We develop business plans and financial estimates based on your concepts thanks to our experience doing research in a global setting. Analyses are conducted to determine client presence in the market to best serve them. Irish Taylor has got what you need to kickstart your business to success with our tailored research papers to investor-ready pitch decks. 



In an ever-increasing era of increasingly diverse attackers, cybersecurity threats, and disjointed security solutions, Irish Taylor & Co aims to bring cybersecurity solutions from multiple vendors, coupled with a comprehensive portfolio of consulting and managed service offerings in Australia and India, to virtually every industry and market segment.

We can be engaged in white-hacking and fortifying corporate digital assets.

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