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Global marketing trends for business growth

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Marketing is one of the most important aspects when it comes to business growth. It is the act of making your consumers aware of your product and educating them about all its qualities and benefits that influence them to buy the product. When the target consumers are attracted to the product, sales automatically increase, and hence the business generates better revenue. Marketing provides a huge aid to business organizations by bringing in consumers. Various business organizations adopt different marketing techniques best suited to the product or service that they offer.

While there are a lot of marketing options available, it’s always wise to do thorough research and observe what is working in the market. To fully utilize your marketing tools to yield the best possible results, it’s important to first know and understand the current trends in marketing and how they are helping businesses grow. Listed below are the top global marketing trends which would help accelerate business growth -

1. Automated marketing - It is one of the best options when it comes to chasing business leads. In place of thinking about what messages to send to lure potential leads or the basic queries that a customer could have while visiting the business website, it is best to let a software manage these repetitive tasks. That is exactly what automated marketing does. It also frees a lot of time for the employees, which they can invest in other important tasks.

2. Translation management systems - Wherever global business brands are concerned, it’s a fact that not all consumers can understand or speak English so it’s best to converse with them in their language. Real-Time translation technology makes this possible so that content can be interpreted in different languages as per needs. This eliminates the problem of a communication barrier between the company and its consumers.

3. Marketing through videos - Through various intensive research, it has been observed that consumers are more likely to be interested in and influenced by a video format of content. Video marketing is not just entertaining, but it’s also eye-catching and can hold a consumer’s attention for a longer period of time. It is one of the best tools to educate consumers about a business and its products. It’s always beneficial to decide the information that is to be conveyed through the video and plan the rest accordingly. It would make it crisper and more effective.

4. Building brand loyalists - If we go by the traditional definition of this term, brand loyalists are consumers who have been consistently using products from the brand for a long period. These are people who have stayed faithful to the brand. It is a possibility to convert brand loyalists into advocates for the brand. They could help in influencing people and increasing the consumer base. It’s always important to make sure the brand makes consistent efforts to keep the consumers hooked. You could also encourage brand loyalty by offering small incentives on purchases to customers.

5. LinkedIn as a tool - While social media marketing is not unheard of and there are many popular ways in which social media helps a brand grow, LinkedIn is slightly different in this sense. LinkedIn is a great platform to reach out to decision-makers in organizations and pitch your product to them. You could also add people working in that organization to your network and ask them for a referral to their top management.

6. Promotions through live streaming - Live streaming is a great way to increase brand visibility. In today’s times, most of the consumer base is active on social media platforms and is aware of all types of communication features. So, for example, hosting a Facebook or Instagram live where consumers could connect with a brand executive and ask questions or simply get to know more about the brand and its products is a great option. Live interaction also leaves a better impact on the consumer’s mind and is more likely to attract them to the brand.

7. Co-branding - It is an arrangement where the success of one business contributes to the success of another. It is also called a Brand Partnership, where two or more brands collaborate on a specific product or service as a part of a strategic alliance. It doesn’t just increase awareness about your brand but it also provides an ally with whom you can share business risks. It helps businesses to enter a new market and reach a larger number of people. An example of co-branding would be Starbucks and Spotify.

8. Storytelling in marketing - Using storytelling as a means to pass a message and communicate with the audience is extremely clever. It hits the sentimental side of consumers and they are more likely to lean towards buying a particular product or service if they are touched by the story behind it. However, it is always advised to be authentic while communicating with the consumer through such narratives.

9. Catering to high-value customers- Customers with high value have the potential and the social standing means to either build or break your public image and reputation. They could also affect the business’s finances directly, so it’s always beneficial to cater to their needs and preferences in the best possible ways. Some Businesses even hire special people to handle these high-value customers.

10. Investing in your employees - Employees are the main workforce of any organization, and no business can work without capable employees. They are the backbone of any business, and it’s important to constantly motivate, train, and encourage them to perform to the best of their abilities. It’s important to educate employees about the position statement of the company, which encapsulates why your brand is better than other competing brands. It’s also wise to train employees in client interaction. To facilitate smooth and steady functioning as well as to grow a business it is important to empower its employees too.

These global marketing trends are tried and tested methods to make any business organization grow and flourish steadily. It’s important first to understand the best possible marketing technique to be used for the business and then apply it. In this fast-growing entrepreneurial world, efficient marketing is surely the key to success.

Without a comprehensive plan, businesses could suffer greatly and leave the company accessible to competitors. Our Business Development service will provide all the services your company needs, including business analysis, digital transformation, and marketing solutions. Irish Taylor will help you create and review business plans so that you can start experiencing true growth for your organisation.

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