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How to use technology to boost your operational efficiency?

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

What is operational efficiency?

Operational efficiency has two perspectives. The first perspective is how an organization can reduce wasted time, labor, and materials as much as possible while still producing the quality service or product they offer. The second perspective is from a financial point of view which is that operational efficiency can be defined as the difference between the inputs needed to keep the organization running and the results it delivers.

Input refers to what is invested in a business to function correctly, which is cost, people and time. 

In contrast, output refers to what is extracted, gained, or produced by the company, which is quality, sales, product acquisition and improving customer loyalty and retention.

Operational efficiency is essential for a business because if it is not efficient, then it is wasting time, money and effort. 

If a business is operationally efficient, then it is saving its costs, reducing the wastage to the least and does all this while maintaining the quality of the products and the service it provides.

Use of Technology to Enhance Operational Efficiency.

Here are some of the ways you can use technology to make your operations efficient:

  • Successful Campaigns

It is essential for a business that knowledge about their product or service successfully reaches the consumers, and the best way to do this is by running campaigns and advertisements. Running an effective sales or marketing campaign means using the correct measures to define the right audience, create captivating messages, price products or services competitively, and choose the proper channels. The more channels you use to target them with eye-catching creativity, the more chances your business has of being spread out. It is a multi-step process that often requires many skilled professionals and significant financial outlay. The more efficient it is, the better for the company.

  • Using Project Management Systems

Project management software can help your business by creating a work breakdown structure, which means it breaks down a large project into a list of tasks that need to be done.

This can be very efficient if you have a business that is a project based business, for example, a construction firm, a business that provides professional business or a manufacturing business. 

Efficiently managing these projects is crucial for the deliveries to be budgeted and on time.

The software can help you in such a way that you need to enter the required time and material into the software. You then create a budget and set the deadlines you must meet for the job to be finished. The software can even help you in such a way that they prevent unnecessary delays due to the unavailability of materials by creating a list of materials you need to purchase or keep at the beginning of the project.

The software can also help calculate actual costs against the budgeted costs, which can help the business manage any changes in the budget, and appropriate steps can be taken at the right time to ensure the project is completed and the business is profitable.

  • Using Inventory Management Systems

In the case of a business being where there is a need to hold and manage inventories, it is essential to know what items are there in what quantity and how much they are worth. An inventory management system can be very beneficial in running an efficient warehouse by ensuring that the proper inventory is present.  It should be ensured that the items received are entered into an inventory control system. This can be done by scanning them with a barcode scanner as soon as they are received. This eliminates redundant entries and allows the immediate capture of any issues with the delivery.

  • Enhancing Communication

Covid-19 has shown us that when physicality is limited, it can create a communication barrier, which can affect the efficiency of the business as steps are not taken timely. With the increased number of people working remotely, the lack of a shared physical workspace can, in many cases, be a barrier to working efficiently. However, this can be diminished through the use of technology designed to make collaboration easier, no matter where workers are located. Zoom and Microsoft Teams are group video calling services that make collaboration and communication more manageable. They enable meetings and presentations to take place away from the office and keep employees connected. Google's online services like Docs, Sheets and Drive can also be used to give multiple users simple access to projects and data. These services help maintain good teamwork and effective communication away from the office and increase operational efficiency by making collaboration more accessible and less time consuming.

  • Using Cloud

Using the cloud allows you to access critical data, documents, software and other vital resources from anywhere and anytime, allowing your business to be much more adjustable in its operations. Not only does the cloud provide remote access, but it can also reduce physical infrastructure costs.  The cloud also consolidates overlapping or redundant systems and databases into a single, centralized online presence. And because of this, you can do your business in a more organized way while increasing operational efficiencies by reducing operating costs and growing access.

  • Digital Assistance for Customer Communications

Artificial intelligent chat robots are a new trendy way of bringing efficiency into the business. As digital assistants on the front line, they can forward inquiries to existing FAQ pages and connect customers or prospects to the proper departments if necessary. This can help companies overstaff expensive customer service departments and improve the efficiency of each face-to-face customer service interaction.  The use of these chat robots has benefited the businesses in having a more integrated experience for the customers across multiple social media, websites and physical platforms, which have further helped the business to attract and hang on to their customers. Thinking of increasing operational efficiency in your business? Let us be your technology advisor!

Contact us now to see how you can bring efficient technologies and boost efficiency in your business.

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