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AI tools: Potential benefits for businesses

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

Artificial Intelligence is like a human mind replicated, but not in all its senses, rather to do mechanical, logical tasks with trillions of data fed into it. By going through the massive collection of data, artificial intelligence produces the closest results and is sometimes accurate. The tools that have been developed and are being developed in the current scenario are beyond one's imagination. There are limitations to these AI tools, yet they can be used to reduce any person’s work and simplify complex tasks. Just like any other technological advancements or inventions, even AI tools are similar in that they serve the purpose of reducing human effort and labor.

  • Code

Open AI CodeX: Codex can understand simple orders given to it in natural language and carry them out on the user's behalf. This enables the development of a natural language interface for existing programmes. YouCode: YouCode is a version designed for developers that allows users to search through their favourite sources, write code using AI, and find solutions to problems rapidly. Additionally, it provides clever programmes that can compose essays or entire coding sequences, allowing users to complete more work more quickly. CodeWhisperer: Large language models and machine learning are used in this to streamline the work of developers and increase productivity. CodeWhisperer operates in an integrated development environment, which is a developer's primary workspace (IDE). Tabnine: Based on context and syntax, Tabnine predicts and offers the following lines of code using generative AI technology. Among the features are whole-line code completions, full-function code completions, and natural language coding.

  • Write, design

CopyAI: Deep learning capabilities provide a thorough understanding of each customer's needs. It will assist with pertinent messaging, original ideas, and more. It is possible to create a customised sales copy that responds to the requirements and pain points of consumer categories. Anyword: Any copy can be generated and optimised by Anyword. Before something is published, powerful predictive analytics can indicate what will work (analytics that are based on billions of marketing data sets). Uizard: One may easily visualise and share concepts with the use of this application. Coordinated real-time video editing is a possibility. With the help of AI, users can upload screenshots of apps or websites and quickly turn them into editable mockups.

Deep Art Effects: Images can be used to produce original works of art. Pictures may be enlarged four times their original size without sacrificing quality. Automatic backdrop removal, automatic image enhancement, or computerized colorization.

  • Explain, chat, mini search engine

YouChat: YouChat is an AI that can provide broad answers, clarify issues, and provide suggestions. For one's benefit, it can also create emails, summarise text, translate, and write code. YouChat's artificial intelligence and natural language processing enable one to have discussions that are human-like. ChatGPT: On top of GPT-3.5, a generative pre-trained transformer (GPT) is adjusted using supervised learning and reinforcement learning (a method of transfer learning). Human trainers were used in both strategies to improve the model's performance.

Casetext: In a matter of minutes, Casetext reviews paperwork, legal research notes, deposition preparation, and contract analysis. A cloud-based legal research platform called Casetext is beneficial to private practitioners, attorneys, and lawyers. Natural language processing, CARA A.I., a library of case summaries, machine learning capabilities, reporting, and more features are available.

  • Ideas

Ideanote: The best ideas are simple to gather, develop, and implement, which results in corporate growth, engaged staff, and contented customers. Businesses of all sizes, from startups to publicly traded firms, can use Ideanote to design fully tailored innovation programmes in days rather than months. Rationale.jina: Making educated, logical judgements is made simpler by the availability of quick, high-quality analytical results and the flexibility to use the app in any desired language. One can also export data and incorporate it into their own applications with API access to the AI engine.

NeuralText: Artificial intelligence (AI) idea generators can use algorithms and data to provide ideas for new goods, services, or advances. Business sectors, customer preferences, technological developments, and market trends are just a few examples of user input. The AI idea generator can assist in investigating novel notions and ideas that one might not have previously thought about.

  • Automate tasks and workflow

MailChimp: A marketing automation tool called Mailchimp enables the creation, distribution, and analysis of email and advertising campaigns. The platform allows for complete campaign transparency, email monitoring, managing subscribers and unsubscribers, viewing success and click-through rates, and creating custom reports. ClickUp: ClickUp organises backlogs, automates processes, simplifies bug and problem tracking, and integrates with engineering and feedback tools. Using tasks, Documents, Chat, Objectives, Whiteboards, and other tools, teams get together to plan, coordinate, and collaborate on work.

Kommo: Comprehensive analytics, reporting, and automation tools; prospects may chat, call, and email right from the CRM. The lead card records every event, including chats, tasks, and phone calls.

iSmartRecruit: ATS and CRM solution is simple to use and aids in attracting, developing, and hiring top people. Also, it has an extremely sophisticated feature set, including two-way email syncing, AI-based profile matching, and automated resume processing. Ultimately, the system will help a given company attract, develop, and hire outstanding personnel.

Even though we are surrounded by AI tools that could even diminish human jobs, one must be very careful while using them. It definitely reduces human effort at the same time, there are chances that these tools may even hamper human skills. If one relies completely on AI tools and stops working and training the brain, ultimately it is going to create trouble. There are policies and regulations that many governments have implemented to control the AI effect. However, it is yet to be seen how it is going to be effective in serving the right cause without restricting much of its usability.

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