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Build a promising website for your business - Learn how

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

There's a market for every product, and the internet is the market for almost everything. Therefore, anything that a business wants to sell, it should be promoted online so that people on the internet can find them and contact them, or even transact online with e-commerce. The option to market online is made possible by having a website and an online presence for a firm. A website is a medium, a tool for attracting new customers and eventually increasing sales. Also, different websites accomplish different goals; therefore, having a goal in mind is the best path to success.

  • To acquire new customers and new talent A good website drives business. A website must represent where the company is, growth-wise. The tasks that a company takes on, the execution, all of them must be replicated in such a way that the audience understands the company’s progress and what it is attempting to achieve at the time.

  • Organic reach or web traffic is a long-term engagement A Facebook page or a social media account does not constitute a ‘website’. Social media accounts have limited Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). In reality, these do not belong to the company but to the platforms. Therefore, compliance with the platform regulations might limit businesses’ ability to explore many other aspects that might bring in potential clients. A responsive website for all types of devices, on the other hand, is always a plus for a better user experience.

  • Unexpected patronage, huge sales, and revenue opportunity Having a well-built website provides ease of movement for both the customers and the business owner. Customers can reach out to the service provider, understand the services, realize what works for them, and so on. As a business owner or a company, one can provide as much information as one wants on their website. Design it as you require and showcase the primary aspects of the company. Requirements gathering and documentation require careful planning ahead. Requirements will change but for your version 1, ensure that you have your requirements clearly defined.

  • A website is a 24/7 salesperson Being accessible and doing business as you sleep. It's simple to upload updates and notifications to customers because the website is available around-the-clock. It serves as a tool to inform customers of all the happenings that the company wants its customers to know. The website is the only way a client can access it from anywhere. With potential customers all around the globe, a website increases customer accessibility worldwide.

  • Lead generation and customer support Once the target market locates the company online, they will be able to get in touch, thanks to the information provided on the website. Users who click on a Call To Action (CTA) are directed to a landing page with a form asking for their contact details. CTAs are in the form of contact forms, check boxes where no employee is required to do this manually. This helps with lead generation, which later translates to customer retention.

  • Build credibility Trust can be built with websites, showcasing of anything, saving time, showing services, pricing, and credibility. Online presence could tell how serious the company is about its business. The professionalism of the website is a reflection of the company. The website also acts as an advertisement for its long-term benefits. What costs – pays! It's worth the investment. Ensure that your website has a Secured Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate from a reputable issuing authority.

Almost everyone starts with an online search when they are in need of or want to buy something. Companies can use websites to show who they are, what their services are, and what they stand for. Even if the deals or negotiations happen offline, it all begins with the internet. An e-commerce-enabled website is similar to a store, but it is online. With all the inventories, services, and offerings. A business that does not have a well-designed and Search engine optimized website is missing out on a large market of potential customers and sharing. The objective of any website is to contribute to the profitability of the business, either indirectly or directly. And so, being remembered is important. Being present everywhere at all times, especially on the internet via the company’s own website, is a great strategy to gain customers.

If you need guidance on website requirements, SEO, SSL, hosting, branding, web design or development – Irish Taylor is here to help you with an obligation-free scoping call.

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