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How to use hashtags to increase your reach on social media

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

A hashtag is a tool used on social media to connect, organise, and promote content. It was started on Twitter to make it simpler for users to locate, follow, and participate in conversations. A hashtag, denoted by the sign #, is used to index keywords or subjects. Hashtags are a type of user-generated tagging that allows cross-referencing of material by subject or theme on microblogging and photo-sharing sites. It is a device that informs the algorithms of social media apps about how many or how few users are interested in a certain topic. If one participates and interacts in conversations about popular posts and relevant subjects, hashtags assist businesses in developing a brand. Hashtags change as more platforms utilise them, which affects how much information is presented to social media users directly. Using a sufficient number of hashtags may significantly improve follower and visitor visibility and interaction. When target consumers or followers come across certain hashtags in searches, they are captivated quickly. They can be used to increase visibility for the material, build brand recognition, target a very specific demographic, improve SEO, and capitalise on popular themes and trends, among other things.

On Instagram, by choosing pertinent, well-liked hashtags that go with what a business promotes or publishes, one may start a dialogue and engage more people. An organisation or business might create its own hashtags so that its target audience can simply follow them. Hashtags make it simple to follow client comments and feedback. They work especially well for getting feedback on advertisements, events, and other things. According to a survey published in March 2022, Instagram posts with three to four hashtags had an average impression rate of 3.41 percent, making them the most successful in terms of user impressions. 1 Twitter often displays the conversations and topics that are trending at the time. These issues, news items, and trending hashtags are chosen by the Twitter algorithm based on global, regional, or, depending on user preferences, a connection to the individual's personal interests. Additionally, businesses launch branded hashtag campaigns to gather user-generated content and increase brand awareness. Finding the right balance between creating original, brand-specific hashtags and participating in relevant hashtag conversations is key to consistently using Twitter hashtags effectively. Hashtags are a potent route to brand success and notoriety. Twitter's study shows that advertising without hashtags receives 23% more clicks, whereas tweets with 1-2 hashtags have a 55% higher likelihood of being retweeted.

Hashtags have developed into a remarkable marketing tool for companies, organisations, celebrities, and even regular people since they are simple to generate and search for. Here are some simple tips that could improve the visibility of your content or brand.

  1. Find related hashtags Relevant hashtag usage may benefit the brand in a number of ways. One may get followers, connect with their target markets, and boost engagement by using popular hashtags. But it's not just about numbers; hashtag quality also has a big impact on how effective they are. It's crucial to focus on a certain hashtag subject and to be as detailed as possible.

  2. Track the hashtags used. Use tools to check what’s trending. Using hashtag tracking tools, one may find trending and pertinent hashtags. In accordance with the precise demands, there are free tools that might be helpful. There are many different types and sizes of tools available to assist in tracking hashtags, some of which concentrate on keeping an eye on the topic and others on influencers.

  3. Adapt to different apps as needed. The likelihood of losing potential customers increases if appropriate hashtags are not used on appropriate platforms. Hashtags work more efficiently on one social platform compared to another. Additionally, all social media platforms do not have the same algorithms. Although each platform is distinct, there are a few general guidelines, requirements, and advantages of hashtagging that are true for all platforms.

  4. Proper research and right formatting. The use of the correct hashtags might help a campaign reach its target demographic and even untapped markets. One must be careful not to use a hashtag that might be adversely construed or that is already being used by another business to promote itself. To be sure a hashtag will match the discourse one desires, do some research on it. Brands must ensure that their audience can use the hashtag without any difficulty.

  5. Build a community. Instead of merely expanding the number of followers, it is more advantageous to develop a quality audience that is eager to receive their material. It is recommended to choose the top social media hashtags that are related to a particular industry and target audience rather than the most widely used hashtags that lack an active community. The best source of product enhancement recommendations and the engine of innovation is the consumer.

On social media, hashtags are crucial because they help the proper users find content. Aside from the effort required to conduct some research and keep an eye on trends, mastering a hashtag provides a potent tool to engage an audience and boost its social effect. With the use of hashtags, people may locate anybody or anything by searching for a topic that interests them. The content may be quickly categorised for social media search, which is helpful. Hashtags increase brand awareness and help products reach a wide audience. With all these benefits, hashtags are the new element of social media that one cannot afford to miss.

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